Our Values

Our core values bring clarity to the things that matter most at Expression 58. They guide how we achieve our mission, provide us language to rally around, and keep us focused on our unique call God has given us as a local church.

E58 exists to be a city on a hill that beholds Jesus and puts his brilliance on display. 

We aim to live the gospel in such a manner that we inspire personal faith, cultural renewal, and societal transformation

 We Value

Jesus Christ - We are a Christian Church

The person of Jesus Christ is central to all we do and through Him we have relationship with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit—We are a Spirit-filled church

We hunger for the ongoing in-filling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and we eagerly desire both the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Good Theology—We are a teaching church

We believe in a loving and good God and His Gospel of good news. This is the framework on which we base our identity and interact with God and mankind.

Diversity—We are a unified church

Our goal is to bridge racial, cultural, gender, socio-economic, and generational gaps so as to create a community where all people can relate together in a spirit of love and unity.

Miracles—We are a powerful church

By faith we partner with God to see His supernatural kingdom break into our lives to heal, prophesy, provide, deliver, restore, and transform us.

Creativity—We are an innovative church

Creativity is our inheritance and we seek to use every avenue to put the beauty of God on display.

The Bible—We are a Bible-Based Church

We are committed to the Bible as the Word of God and our final authority for rule and practice.

Discipleship—We are a maturing church

We value hunger and teachability as we pursue our goal of becoming fully devoted and transformed followers of Jesus Christ.

Community—We are a relational church

The church is the family of God that loves, supports, and encourages one another in Christ. From our youngest to our oldest, everyone belongs and is valued.

Love—We are an honoring church

We believe in the dignity and value of every person and seek to honor in a way that makes people feel known, loved, and valued.

Balance—We are a healthy church

We value the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle that honors the tensions in scripture (faith and works, spirit and truth, character and anointing, etc)

Servanthood—We are a serving church

Our goal is to see every member developing their God-given abilities and using them to serve the world around them.

Worship and Prayer—We are a God-Pursuing church

With our primary goal of ministering to God first, we love to encounter His presence through worship and prayer.

Family—We are a Legacy Church

We are deeply committed to investing in children and youth and empowering them to become all that God has called them to be. We build with legacy in our hearts and love to experience God together as a family.

Generosity—We are a giving church

We give joyfully and generously of our time, finances, and personal resources to advance the kingdom of God and fulfill the great commission.

Mission—We are a missional church

We work to put the transformative love of God on display through evangelism, outreach, social justice, community transformation, bridge building, and missions.

Excellence—We are a quality church

Our goal is to pursue excellence and authenticity in all aspects of our lives in order to bring glory to God.

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