Advent comes from the Latin word ‘adventus’ which means ‘coming’ or ‘arrival.’ Advent is an intentional time to welcome the coming of Jesus. It spans over the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas.

It is an intentional time of celebrating and meditating on how God came into the world through Christ and the ways God comes in those places where we long for his presence and intervention. Join us as we wait in anticipation, hope for rescue and crying out for the Light and Life of this world to come.

To encourage you along this Advent, here are 4 recommended resources:

1. ‘Honest Advent' by Scott Erickson

A book of contemplative observations, sacred questioning, and honest prayers, that help you discover that the wonder of God-with-Us is still happening today.

2. ‘Advent Word Series’ by BibleProject

A video series that explores how Christians have long observed the Advent season by meditating on peace, hope, joy, and love. Each video leads you through a rich biblical study of these words.

3. ‘The Advent Zine’ by StoryMakers NYC

A zine for kids to discover the incredible events leading up to the arrival of Jesus through the experience of children from around the globe.

4. Free Advent Devotional by Rich Villodas

A 25-day Advent daily office devotional designed to help you remain rooted in God. Each “office” contains times of silence, scripture, a short devotional and a question for reflection. With this devotional you'll be encouraged to cultivate a rhythm of prayer throughout the day.