“Active concern for the environment and work to restore it, both for positive impact on the natural world, and positive impact on humanity.” –Live Justly

Creation care is not just about theology. It is about having the creativity to embody our theology imaginatively. At its core, creation care is about loving our global neighbor, because the poor suffer the most from the degradation of the earth and the struggle for clean water. For many kids in the concrete jungle of the ghettos and slums, there can be such a disconnection from creation that they feel disconnected from the Creator.

Christianity is not just about going up when we die; it’s about bringing God’s kingdom down, all the way to the dirt in our gardens.

‘God claims the whole world as his,
Everything and everyone belongs to him!
He’s the one who pushed back the oceans
To let the dry ground appear,
Planting firm foundations for the earth.’

Psalm 24 (TPT)

Listen to Jason Fileta’s message, which draws you closer to God’s heart for ALL creation, and be awakened to how the environment cannot be separated from humanity.

A practical, next step:

Unite with a global initiative to combat plastic pollution worldwide!

A Liturgy for the Earth

Meditate on the words of this liturgy from E58's Missions and Justice Pastor, Joy. Invite God into your space as you seek freedom, repent, lament, pray, and thank Him for this world.

How to Pray

Seek Heaven for God’s vision for his creation.

1) Pray for global leaders who are in seats of influence

2) Pray over creation itself–rain where there is drought; warmth where there are floods etc. Commanding creation itself.

3) Pray for strategy for scientists and the releasing of heaven’s vision.