“Active concern for the environment and work to restore it, both for positive impact on the natural world, and positive impact on humanity.” –Live Justly

Creation care is not just about theology. It is about having the creativity to embody our theology imaginatively. At its core, creation care is about loving our global neighbor, because the poor suffer the most from the degradation of the earth and the struggle for clean water. For many kids in the concrete jungle of the ghettos and slums, there can be such a disconnection from creation that they feel disconnected from the Creator.

Christianity is not just about going up when we die; it’s about bringing God’s kingdom down, all the way to the dirt in our gardens.

Plastic Jesus: Real Faith in a Synthetic World

 Everywhere we look in our culture you will find plastic. One place where you will not find plastic, however, is in the Bible.

This resource is designed to help you think more deeply about the ways that plastics impact our lives and God’s creation. It is also intended to equip people of faith to take actions to address this epidemic in faithful and practical ways.

Action Steps

  1. Take the plastic pledge and help stop the rubbish! – give up one single use plastic item for 40 days or more
  2. Commit to plastic-free swaps in your home! 
  3. Choose a room in your home to make single-use plastic free – bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, cleaning cupboard etc.
  4. Reduce shellfish consumption. Microplastics that end up in the ocean are ingested by bottom-feeding shellfish. When you consume the shellfish, the microplastics are then ingested by you. Reducing or avoiding your consumption of shellfish can help cut down on the amount of microplastics that get into your system.

Listen to Jason Fileta’s message, which draws you closer to God’s heart for ALL creation, and be awakened to how the environment cannot be separated from humanity.

A Liturgy for the Earth

Meditate on the words of this liturgy from E58's Missions and Justice Pastor, Joy. Invite God into your space as you seek freedom, repent, lament, pray, and thank Him for this world.

Intercede for Creation

  1. Pray for wisdom, Kingdom insight and joy in the process for our world leaders whose decisions will impact global creation care. 
  2. Pray for those responsible for negotiating the upcoming UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution, that the result wouldn’t be for political gain but for the betterment of our lands and people. 
  3. Pray for those currently leading our plastic producing industries that they would be convicted and also inspired with new creative innovations that heal instead of harm. 
  4. Pray for those communities which are left particularly vulnerable to climate crises and the effects of plastic pollution, that they would receive new protections from governments and healing interventions where needed. 

‘God claims the whole world as his,
Everything and everyone belongs to him!
He’s the one who pushed back the oceans
To let the dry ground appear,
Planting firm foundations for the earth.’

Psalm 24 (TPT)

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