Expression58 believes every child has the right to be SAFE.

We pursue that right by doing all we can to make sure each child is surrounded by safe family. Family that is connected, cared for, respected and supported.

E58 promotes Kingdom family by serving kids and their families (foster, adoptive, bio), championing all family members, and loving sacrificially and selflessly.


Our work is hard, yet transformative. We are committed to serving kids and families who are navigating the child welfare system or who are experiencing poverty, homelessness or social isolation.

3 Ways to Get Involved Today:

<h3>1) Host children in your home</h3>

1) Host children in your home

Become a licensed resource/foster parent with foster kids living in your home! Every resource/foster family will have a squad supporting them.

Contact our partners at www.fosterall.org to begin this amazing journey!

<h3>2) Host children in our community (Fam Squad, Aunties, Uncles, Support People) </h3>

2) Host children in our community (Fam Squad, Aunties, Uncles, Support People)

Be trained and available to support resource families and children in foster care. You can offer time, help, childcare, relationship, prayer, acts of service, etc. This vital role is required in order to have successful foster child placements.

Contact our partners at www.olivecrest.org to learn more about our aunties/uncles/support team programs. Also, reach out to our Foster Care Rep at fostercare@expression58.org to be added to the mailing list for upcoming trainings, prayer gatherings, and service opportunities.

3) Serve children & families during our community sponsored events

You can put your training and support to great use by volunteering during any of our community sponsored events which are always designed around connecting our kids with safe family and community.


NEXT COMMUNITY SPONSORED EVENT: CAMP CONNECT (Teen Foster Care Camp) on October 14th -16, 2022 in Palmdale, CA.

Attend our upcoming vision casting and resource meeting to find out how you can make a major contribution in the lives of teens in foster care who desperately need connection. More details to come! Click the button below to stay connected.


To learn more visit LACFaithAlliance.org/foster

If you'd like more information please reach out to our team at fostercare@expression58.org