We're glad you're here. While this list of resources is not exhaustive, it is intended to help you on your journey to becoming whole. Every person deals with pain and unresolved hurts from the past - you are not alone! We believe in miracles, deliverance and the power of God's grace. We also believe that support groups, therapy, resources from medical professionals, therapists, pastors and theologians can aid you in your healing and recovery journey. We hope this is a help to you!


Safe People, Boundaries, Changes that Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud & John Townsend; The Deeply Formed Life by Rich Villodas; Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton; Abuelita Faith by Kat Armas


Authentic Intimacy; Emotionally Healthy Discipleship; Code Switch; The Faith & Mental Wellness Podcast with Brittney Moses


Soul Space; Calm; Headspace; Centering Prayer; Common Prayer; Infinitum Life

Support Groups

Celebrate Recovery, Grief Recovery, Better Help Counseling, Covenant Eyes

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Are you codependent? A quiz from our friend Harmony Grillo - Click the icon above to be directed to helpful resources.

The Most Exhaustive List We've Found

Brittney Moses, a mental health specialist, research assistant at UCLA, and recovery support group leader with NAMI, put together an incredible list. She starts with how to find a counselor (and the different types of counseling available), crisis resources, Christian resources, addiction, partner abuse/domestic abuse, sexual abuse, PTSD, as well as cultural-based resources, and so much more. We 100% can't do better than this list, and would love for you to check it out. On October 24th, we'll host a guest interview with Britney Moses, so we can learn directly from her!

Can we pray for you?

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Inner Healing + Deliverance

Inner Healing
Inner Healing

Our prayer and pastoral care team offers one-on-one time to walk through inner healing and deliverance from emotional wounds and spiritual affliction. This can be a great aid alongside counseling, recovery and other support systems. We invite you to review this application, and see if this might be a good next step for you on your journey.