Black History Resources

Celebrate, support and learn about the world changers, brave leaders, our black brothers and sisters. Continue below for resources, inspiration, a highlight of key figures from black history and those shaping our future.


Key figures in black history and those shaping our future


Black owned businesses in the community


Discover organizations, books, articles and more to help you understand Black History and advocate for change today.

These video resources have been edited from our E58 Town Hall discussions. Town Hall is our virtual space open to all that aims to foster a culture of discovery, education, and collaboration. ⁣

Allyship Part 1 with Christina Deanne
This video focuses on allyship with special guest Christina Deanne, an educator, lover of people, and committed to the work of racial healing and reconciliation. ⁣

Allyship Part 2 with Christina Deanne + Tinasha LaRaye
This video explores the unique traumas of the Black community in our nation, as well as giving thoughtful ways to self manage any carried hardships in good health and honoring practices to minister to those weighed down by it. We hope this resource can serve to both educate and empower our E58 Community.